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Upon finishing reading Phantom of the Opera, year 9 students under the guidance of Mr Dylan Sultana (English Language teacher) came up with the idea of extending their learning experience by building upon a particular character by the name of Raoul De Chagny.

Raoul came from a noble French family. Such families had coats of arms, which identified them before surnames were used.Each was unique and contained symbols which represented the family. It was embroidered on coats which were worn over knights’ metal armour to protect them from the heat of the sun. These became a mark of nobility. So students created a coat of arms pertaining to themselves. Each had to choose 3 words that represent their character and a distinctive design was chosen to further elaborate their coat of arms. The students came up with the design and choice of vocabulary on their own. The end result is as shown in the photographs.

A big well done to Mr Dylan and all Year 9 students!