More or Less Theatre performances at MABS

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People from More or Less Theatre company visited our school and performed two shows for all the year groups. The first show was for the children in Years 1-3 and it was called “Il-Babaw”. Other children in Years 4-6 participated in a show which was all about Science.

The school administration would like to thank More or Less Theatre company for their performances which proved to be very professional and educational. Particular thanks go to Ms Jessica Muscat (Year 3 teacher) for her initiative. A big well done to all !

Below are photos taken during the event.

Initiative to Support Children in Hospital

Brian Vassallo | News, Y1

Initiative to support Children in Hospital.

The Commissioner for Children has asked school children to contribute pencil colours and crayons as an incentive to support hospitalised children. During a spontaneous discussion the children in Year 1 agreed that they would like to contribute to this worthy cause and a collection of colours was made!! Such incentives promote generosity and solidarity, which are admirable qualities we want to see in our children. Well-done Year 1 !!!

Pizza Experience

Brian Vassallo | Y1

Pizza Experience!!

Today we had our outing at ‘Zeffies’. It was a very interesting experience for the children because they made their own pizza J  They rolled out the dough with the rolling pin and added tomato sauce on it. They also added mozzarella cheese, peas and sweetcorn. After baking it in the oven they enjoyed eating the pizza which they made!!  Delicious!!!

They also had the time to enjoy the play-area and they had a GREAT time!!!

Life Science in the Classroom

Brian Vassallo | Y1

Live Science in the classroom

One of the Learning Outcomes for the children of Year 1 is to learn about the world around them. This includes the different kinds of animals with which we share the world. One creature we researched and learnt about is the frog and its life cycle. We had LIVE tadpoles in class so that we could get a closer look. The children were fascinated by the tadpoles and they also grasped the idea that a frog goes through many changes from when it is an egg until it becomes an adult frog. This understanding can be seen by a task the children had to complete. The cutting task was another opportunity for the children to strengthen their finger muscles so as to have a more controlled pencil grip and better handwriting.    The tadpoles were returned to their pond right after school   .