Phantom of the Opera (Form 3)

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Upon finishing reading Phantom of the Opera, year 9 students under the guidance of Mr Dylan Sultana (English Language teacher) came up with the idea of extending their learning experience by building upon a particular character by the name of Raoul De Chagny.

Raoul came from a noble French family. Such families had coats of arms, which identified them before surnames were used.Each was unique and contained symbols which represented the family. It was embroidered on coats which were worn over knights’ metal armour to protect them from the heat of the sun. These became a mark of nobility. So students created a coat of arms pertaining to themselves. Each had to choose 3 words that represent their character and a distinctive design was chosen to further elaborate their coat of arms. The students came up with the design and choice of vocabulary on their own. The end result is as shown in the photographs.

A big well done to Mr Dylan and all Year 9 students!

PULSE visit to our school

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On Monday 1st February 2016, three representatives from pulse paid a cordial visit to Mariam Albatool School.

Sabrina Abugrin, Bashir Wakiel (two of the school’s past students) and Gabriel Mifsud (General secretary- Kunsill Studenti MCAST) spoke about their experiences of student activism at MCAST and Junior College.

Pulse was established on March 19th, 1997 and is an active student organization that functions on behalf of students. As an organization, Pulse does its utmost to enhance and defend students’ rights, represent students and offer them adequate services.

Sabrina Abugrin spoke about how Pulse helped her throughout the Summer period by giving her the necessary support in virtue of her admission to Junior College. She also related how Pulse was able to extend its support to all students and the community at large. She also cited one particular circumstance when the group took an active stand in favour of the Muslim community about the lack of space during Friday prayers.

Mr Wakiel and Mr Mifsud gave an account of the activities which are currently being planned by KSM to further help the students. They finally expressed their gratitude towards the administration of Mariam Albatool School for the opportunity given to them to promote Pulse activities. They ended up their presentation by wishing all students success in forthcoming examinations.The school administration congratulated the students and urged them to pursue such activities and to further develop their roles in future.

Below are photos taken during the activity.

Guidance and Counselling Professional from Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School

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On Friday 29th January 2016, a guidance and counselling professional from Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School visited Mariam Albatool School and gave an interesting presentation on the services offered by the school. Giovanni Curmi higher Secondary School is a post-secondary state school offering academic courses at advanced, intermediate, and ordinary level. The school offers courses suited to the individual needs of the student. Every year the school prepares hundreds of students to further their studies at various tertiary educational institutions or to pursue a career. Most of the students achieve excellent results in external examinations. The guidance and counselling unit gears its efforts to mould the character of young men and women and equips them to face the challenges of the new millennium.

Baking Bread Activity

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On Friday, 29th of January two KG 1 teachers, Ms Amber Micallef and Ms Romina Bugeja organized a Baking Bread Activity.

To suppliment the activity a professional baker was invited in class and spent the day with the children. The baker helped children understand the process of baking bread which links up with the book “The Little Red Hen” which the class is currently reading. Each child had the opportunity to roll their own dough of bread, bake it and afterwards eat it. The children loved this activity and were very excited to meet a real baker who was dressed in uniform throughout the whole day.

The school administration would like to thank Ms Romina and Ms Amber for their professional approach in dealing with the topic.

Well done!

Below are photos of the event.

St. Martin’s College visit

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On Wednesday 20th January 2016, staff from the senior administration team of St Martin’s College visited Mariam Albatool School in order to deliver an interesting and informative presentation about the facilities offered to sixth form students.

The team consisted of Mr Anthony Abela (Senior Leader- Sixth Form), Ms Eleanor Abela (Career Advisor) and Ms Rita Samut Administrative Coordinator. They were greeted by the assistant head of school (Mr Brian Vassallo) who ushered the guests to the Year 11 class. The speakers delivered a powerpoint presentation in a friendly and professional manner.

Afterwards Mr Abela, explained the admission requirements of the college and gave examples of the flexibility offered at the college. Then Ms Eleanor Abela gave various insights into various career paths which students can follow upon successful completion of courses. Later Ms Samut gave an overview of the extra curricular activities offered at the college. The students were then given opportunity to ask a number of questions to the presenters.

Below are photos commemorating the occasion.

Students at ITS

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On Thursday 14th January 2016, Year 11 students from Mariam Albatool visited the Institute of Tourism studies in St Julian’s.

The students were accompanied by Ms Lina Ghirxi, the Maltese Language teacher. The students had an overview of the courses offered by the institute. After the presentation, the students had the opportunity to visit the institutes facilities and ask questions on the various career opportunities which are available to students. The students also had the opportunity to have some hands on experience on the kind of work performed by students at the institute.

Staff Lunch

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On Friday 22nd December 2015 a large group of teachers gathered themselves fora the annual staff lunch as part of the end of semester activities.

This year the lunch took place at Mamma Mia restaurant in Ta Xbiex. The staff also organised a baby shower for Ms Daniela Spiteri who shall be on maternity leave very soon.

Below are photos of the activity.

Learning Outcomes Framework

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On Friday 22nd December 2015, the school administration with the assistance of Ms Doris Schembri and Ms Natasha Grech organised a seminar on the Learning Outcomes Framework. Ms Mariangela Schembri Meli (EO Early Years) was the guest speaker in the seminar.

She outlined the essential features of the learning outcomes framework and gave practical tips for teacher which they could utilise in their daily lesson planning. She was assisted by Ms Doris Schembri (representing early years teachers) and Ms Natasha Grech (representing secondary school teachers).

The school administration would like to heartily thank Ms Mariangela Schembri Meli for her very informative and interesting presentation.

Below are photos taken during the seminar.

Math’s Trail

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Before the holidays, year 2 Ms Lara went on a Math’s trail around the school. Ms Lara guided the students around the school and several stops were made along the way to examine the environment around them. The students used mathematical concepts and looked out for interesting shapes, symmetries, patterns and other mathematical features of the built environment.

Well done. Keep up the good work !