Math’s Trail

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Before the holidays, year 2 Ms Lara went on a Math’s trail around the school. Ms Lara guided the students around the school and several stops were made along the way to examine the environment around them. The students used mathematical concepts and looked out for interesting shapes, symmetries, patterns and other mathematical features of the built environment.

Well done. Keep up the good work !

Trip to Sicily

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On Friday 18th December a group of teacher from Mariam Albatool School organised a trip to Sicily. It was a memorable experience for the students who had the opportunity to interact with each other and with their teachers in an informal setting and in a totally relaxed environment.

This exciting activity was organised by Ms Natasha Grech, Mr David Tedesco, Dr Adel Radwan, Mr Dylan Sultana and Ms Siah Bianco. A big well done to all these teachers who sacrificed time from their families to help develop skills for our students. The School Administration appreciates the initiative and heartfully thanks teachers, parents and students who supported the activity.


Below are photos taken during the trip.

Hour of Code Week

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Mariam Al Batool Primary section took part in the global event Hour of Code, where children participated in an hour of basic computer programming tasks.

”Every student should have the opportunity to learn computer science. It helps nurture problem-solving skills, logic and creativity. By starting early, students will have a foundation for success in any 21st-century career path. ” (, 2015)

The participating students were awarded an Hour of Code certificate upon completion of the hour of code.

Mr. Kenneth’s Birthday

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Today it was Mr Kenneth’s Birthday !

As a school we decided to give a great surprise to Mr Kenneth Busuttil – our Head of School. During the assembly the whole school sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY and later the whole school staff were summoned in the staff room where Mr Kenneth was given a small gift to commemorate this occasion and as a thanks giving gesture for all the work he does for our school and for each individual member of the staff. Mr Busuttil gave a short speech and later distributed the cake made specifically for the occasion.

Least we did know that Mr Kenneth himself had also prepared to entertain all the staff by preparing pasta dishes with pesto which he himself cooked with the assistance of some parents.


Ms. Marvic Francalanza from United World Colleges

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On 4th December 2015, Ms Marvic Francalanza from United World Colleges visited Mariam Albatool School to deliver a presentation about scholarships with United World Colleges. This is a group of colleges around the world which hosts students from a number of countries. The scholarships are offered for those students who demonstrate a strong will to study abroad. The colleges offer a number of courses at International level whose completion lead to entry in University courses.

The presentation was followed by a number of questions from the students.

Activity in Aid of the President’s Community Chest Fund

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On Thursday 3rd December 2015 the school organised an activity in aid of the President’s Community Chest Fund. The activity was organised by a number of teachers and parents who gathered their energy to promote various activities such as Chess tournament, Playstation tournament, face painting, dancing competition and drawing activities with large chalk. There has also been fundraising activities such as the selling of delicacies, books and crafts which were handmade by the students themselves.

The Chess tournament was won by Taha Benoun and Sara Moustafa placed second. Mr Kenneth Busuttil, the Head of School together with Mr Muhammed El Saadi presented the prize to the winners. The combined effort of the students, teachers and parents on this wonderful day led to a grand sum of 773 Euro which will be given to the Community Chest Fund and to be presented to her Excellency The President of The Republic of Malta, Marie Louise Coleiro Preca.

The School administration would like to thank all parents, teachers and students who participated actively in the activity.


Professor Sandro Caruana (Dean) and Dr. Duncan Mercieca (Vice Dean)

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On Thursday 12th November 2015, Professor Sandro Caruana (Dean) and Dr Duncan Mercieca (Vice Dean) visited Mariam Albatool School.

They were greeted by the Head of School, Mr Kenneth Busuttil who gave an overview of the school and its curriculum. Together they discussed the development of the school’s existing cooperation with the Faculty of Education and the challenges which both Faculty and school are experiencing. Then, future projects were discussed in the light of the upcoming developments within the global sphere of Education.

The visitors were then accompanied for a tour round the school. They visited classes and took the opportunity to interact with children, teachers and classroom assistants. Professor Caruana and Dr Mercieca commented positively the school’s high level of organization and promised further cooperation.

The school administration would like to thank Professsor Caruana and Dr Mercieca for accepting to visit the school.

Ms. Pauline Bartolo

Brian Vassallo | Events

On Tuesday 10th November Ms Pauline Bartolo, a counsellor from Junior College visited Mariam Albatool School.

She was greeted by assistant head of school Mr Brian Vassallo who invited her to deliver a presentation for Form 5 students. The presentation consisted of an explanation of courses which are offered by the Junior College together with counselling servs. Later, Ms Bartolo had a short meeting with Imam Mohammed El Sadi and Mr Kenneth Busuttil the Head of School.

On behalf of the students we would like to thank Ms Bartolo for her important contribution. Thank you