Past Pupil from Mariam Albatool receives nomination by Forbes 2018!

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Sara Ezabe, a past pupil from Mariam Albatool School has been named by Forbes as one of 30 young leaders shaping law and policy across Europe for her work fighting racism and discrimination on the island. Sara who is a law student, is the youngest person included on Forbes’ annual 30 Under 30 Europe list in the law and policy section. She was honoured for setting up RedefiningUs, an NGO which aims to promote inter-cultural acceptance, diversity and dialogue within Maltese society.

In 2016, Ezabe was one of 60 youths from across the Commonwealth to receive a ‘young leadership’ award from Queen Elizabeth at Westminster Abbey.ra,

Further details can be found at

Our best wishes go to Sara, for her great accomplishments. Well Done !

VERY IMPORTANT Il-Mawled Annabi-rememberance day

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29th November, 2017
As Salaamu Alaikom, Dear Parents / Guardians,

School Holidays – December

1st December, 2017: We would like to remind you that this Friday there will be no school due to Il-Mawled Annabi rememberance day;
8th December, 2017: Public Holiday, the school will be closed on this day;
12th December, 2017 – Parent’s Day: There will be no school for students on this day;
13th December, 2017 – National Holiday, the school will be closed on this day;
25th December – 5th January 2018 – Winter Break, no school on these days (both days included).


This is a gentle reminder that the new PE uniform is available from FULL MARKS SPORTING, 288 Zabbar Rd FGURA. Tel. no: 21677262. Students may wear the old PE kit until they need to buy a new one.
The School Administration

ALS Foundation Malta Founder visits Mariam Albatool School

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ALS, or amyotrophic laterals sclerosis, is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. With voluntary muscle action progressively affected, people may lose the ability to speak, eat, move and breathe. The motor nerves that are affected when you have ALS are the motor neurons that provide voluntary movements and muscle control. Examples of voluntary movements are making the effort to reach for a smart phone or step off a curb. These actions are controlled by the muscles in the arms and legs

On Tuesday 14th March 2017, ALS Malta Founder Mr Bjorn Formosa, himself an ALS sufferer visited Mriam Abatool school to raise awareness of the condition and to raise funds for a special hme to aid ALS sufferers.

During his visit Mr Formosa spoke about the need to have courage in difficult moments and to garner support whenever this is needed. These statements were embraced and supported by Mr Muhamed Elsadi (Imam) and Mr Kenneth Busuttil (Head of School) who also thanked Mr Formosa for sharing his experiences with staff and students.
Before the activity a number of initiatives were taken to collect funds which would aid ALS sufferers have a more dignified life and supportive amenities which are an absolute necessity for ALS sufferers. The total amount of money raised by Mariam Albatool students and staff was 2000 euros. A big thank you to all school staff, parents and students.

The school administration would like to thank Mr Bjorn Formosa and his wife for their cordial visit.

Particular thanks go to Ms Romina Bugeja (Year 1 Teacher ) who was the organizer of the event. Below are photos commemorating the occasion.

School bids Farewell to Form 5 Students

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On Wednesday 10th June 2015 the School Administration organised the annual Farewell Evening for Form Five students.

The ceremony started with the Head of School delivering his speech commending the sterling work performed of the teachers and praising the efforts of the students. Then a speech followed by Mr Kamal Leghbali, member of the Board of Trustees and parent. Then Mr Muhammed El Saadi delivered his speech praising the efforts of the school administration, teachers, parents and students. He also urged students to  ‘keep the banner of Mariam Albatool School as high as possible’.

During the ceremony gifts were presented to the students by the Head, Mr Kenneth Busuttil and the Assistant Head, Mr Brian Vassallo with the collaboration of Ms Debbie Atanasio (SMT). Then, the parents committee were presented with their well deserved mementos.

Then, the Head of School was presented with a Thank You gift commemorating his first year as Head of Mariam Albatool School. During the presentation Mr Kenneth was praised for putting his skills and abilities at the service of the school, administration, teachers, parents and students.

Below are photos commemorating the activity.

Head of School distributes TIMSS Certificates

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On  Wednesday 22nd April 2015, students from Mariam Albatool school participated in the TIMSS (Trends in International Mathematics and Science) study.

TIMSS is one of the studies established by the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA) aimed at comparing students’ educational achievement in Mathematics and Science in different Educational system.

The head of school, Mr Kenneth Busuttil presented certificates to the students and thanked them for their participation.

This International study was coordinated by Mr Brian Vassallo (Assistant Head) and administered by Ms Deborah Atanasio (Serior Management Team) member.

Attached are photos commemorating the activity.

Careers and Education Fair 2015

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On Friday 17th April 2015 year 10 students from Mariam Albatool participated in the Careers and Education fair. The fair was organised by Global college Malta, near Smart City Malta. The event was sponsored by Global College Education Malta.

During the event the students participated in a tailor made seminar in which a speaker specializing in career opportunities was provided in order to detail to students the various opportunities which exist into the various sectors of education.

The seminar was addressed by the the Hon Minister Jose’ Herrera, Parliament Secretary for Competitiveness and Economic Growth.

Later, the students had the opportunity to visit the stands, set up for the purpose of the fair and also to be interviewed by crew television personnel.

The school administration would like to thank Ms Ruth Gatt for her coordination on behalf of Global College Malta.

Particular thanks go to Mr Kenneth Busuttil, Head of School for supporting the activity, Mr Brian Vassallo (Asst Hd of School) for coordination the activity in the nick of time, and Ms Debbie Atanasio (SMT) for supporting the logistics of the activity and taking the pictures below.

A big well done to all.

Head of School presents PISA certificates

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On Wednesday 11th March 2015, students from our school born in 1999, successfully participated in the Program for International Students Assessment (PISA).

This assessment is undertaken concurrently by 72 different countries across Europe and other continents.

Mr Kenneth Busuttil (Head of School) presented the certificates and congratulated the students for their successful participation.

Below are photos commemorating the event.

University Professors deliver seminar

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On Thursday 5th February 2015 Drs Carmen Sammut and Arsalan Elshinawi, from the Department of International Studies of the University of Malta gave an interesting presentation with the title Studying International Relations in Malta. The seminar was targeted for Year 9, Year 10 and Year 11 students. The students had the opportunity to put forward any queries. These were then answered professionally by the speakers.

The school administration would like to thank Dr Carmen Sammut and Dr Arsalan Elshinawi for their excellent presentation.

Attached are photos and videos commemorating the occasion.

Welcome letter to parents – 2014-2015

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Dear Parents/Guardians,

On behalf of the staff at Mariam Al Batool School, I am pleased to welcome you to the 2014-15 school year. It is with great satisfaction that I write to you as the newly appointed Head of School who will be working along with Mr Brian Vassallo as Assistant Head and Ms Debbie Atanasio as Senior Management Team Member. I would also like to thank the former Head of School, Ms Maria Camilleri, for her sterling work along the years.

As a school, we firmly believe that in order to realise your child’s full potential, academic success alone is not enough. Therefore, we aim to achieve high quality education that also emphasises character formation through which our students can become responsible citizens. We look forward to having a strong working relationship with you as partners who can make a difference in your child’s education. We ask that you support your child’s education by ensuring that he/she:

  • attends school daily and arrives on time,
  • wears the school uniform and is always neat and clean,
  • completes all classwork and homework tasks given by teachers,
  • reads daily to develop a love for reading and to improve literacy and creativity skills,
  • shows respect towards teaching staff and classmates and behaves well,
  • shares daily school experiences with you so that you are aware of your child’s school life.

A set of school policies and regulations has been developed in line with our educational vision. These will be handed to you shortly. I believe that a well-functioning school has at its basis a sense of order and discipline and therefore I expect that everyone observes these rules for the wellbeing of your child and other students. In addition, our door is always open and we welcome your involvement. As Head of School, I will be available daily between 9.00 and 10.00 without the need for an appointment. Kindly contact the school secretaries for an appointment outside this time, and if you wish to speak with any member of the teaching staff.

At Mariam Al Batool we follow the syllabi as stipulated by the Maltese education authorities. However, we also do our utmost to provide differentiated teaching to meet the needs of each student to the best of our ability. As Head of School I am completely satisfied with the staff who will be providing good quality education to your child.

Along with my staff, I will work hard to provide an exciting and enriching opportunity for all our students. Our motto ‘to learn and grow’ creates an opening that invites our students to develop into active participants in tomorrow’s society. Therefore, I warmly invite you to join us in our cause to make a genuine difference in the lives of our students, and through them, on the future of our society. I thank you for your support and wish you and your children a successful school experience.


Mr Kenneth Busuttil

Head of School