One of the major roles of a Kindergarten teacher is to present the students with a stimulating environment, created with the intention to make this new learning journey a positive one. In such an environment, the little students will grow a passion for learning. Studies show us that the best way to teach our little ones is through playful activities. With playful activities I can have the children’s full attention, and through this I can help them discover their personal abilities and strengths. Through regular observation and interaction, I get to know each child better. Then, I can plan activities that can help the children scaffold to the next level of learning. 

I am a person who simply loves books. Children’s books fascinate me and I really love story sessions. Reading is a time where children relax and unwind. It is the time when their imagination starts to take vent. When using body language and sounds children associate reading with fun and that is one thing that I try to pass to all my little students. 

Reading is fun and through fun we grow and learn!