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Once again, Mariam Albatool School has been presented with the Silver Award in the Book Champions Schools Awards organised by the National Literacy Agency within the Ministry of Education and Employment. The event was a whole school effort encouraging children to inculcate the love for books and of reading. The school administration would like to thank all educators participating in the event. Particular thanks go to Ms Doris Schembri and Ms Jessica Muscat for compiling and coordinating the project. A big well done to all!

Year 1 Activities

Brian Vassallo | Y1

It is already mid-term and we have been 5 weeks at school! We have had many changes during this time however the children are coping well and the challenges are making them grow and develop into responsible and independent individuals.

We had several aims during this time at school. For English we learnt about Letter Sounds and how to blend them to make words. In Maths we did a lot of Number Work. In both the English and Maths Learning Times we used videos and interactive games as well as musical instruments to help us with our learning. For Personal and Social Development we worked on keeping safe, learning to listen to the teacher and follow instructions, being responsible, and managing ourselves.  In PE we included games with numbers and letter sounds as well as using animal masks the children created in our Art Learning Time. The children are also doing plenty of Finger Skills activities so that they develop stronger control of their pencils. This helps them to write properly and neatly.

All in all it has been a good and happy time. I am very pleased and proud of our children’s progress and development, and I am sure that it will only get better!!