Ms. Jessica Muscat

Schooling is all about learning. As a new teacher, I feel that children need to learn and value education as this helps them to grow in a holistic way. One of my main goals for my first year is to foster each and every pupil’s individuality. I will try and do my best to help pupils learn and acquire language which is indispensable for their development. I am planning to do so by using a lot of visuals and other teaching strategies such as videos, games and handouts.

I am aware of the pupils’ different abilities in the classroom. Following my last year’s teaching practice I will strive to prepare additional material for high flyers and offer more help to those pupils who need it. I feel that educators should create a meaningful environment in which learning takes place. I give a lot of importance to this idea as children spend most of their time at school and hence, need to feel safe and secure in the classroom. I think that preparation is very important prior to teaching and leads to success. Thus, every lesson should be planned and developed and pupils’ progress should also be noted so as to reach our main goal of the educational system.