Dinja Wahda Project – Qniefed (Hedgehogs)

Brian Vassallo | , Y3

In the classroom we took part in the project “DINJA WAHDA” for a second time. Here students are seen learning about hedgehogs and how we can conserve and take care of them through a power point. After this, they put their minds and hands to work. They designed a promise card, that says that they promise to take care of the hedgehogs. They also designed a hedgehog badge to put in their parent’s car. This will remind the driver to drive slow in case a hedgehog is crossing the road.


F-Ant-astic (Dinja Wahda Activity)

Brian Vassallo | , , KG1F

Our participation in the Dinja Wahda activities comprised of the topic of ants. We learned about ants and used a magnifying glass to get to identify these creatures. We also read a story about ants and learned that they are active creatures that cooperate with each other. In addition, we learned that it is not permissible to hurt these creatures no matter how small.

Year 3 – Dinja Wahda Activity

Brian Vassallo | , Y3

Students saw a power point and learnt about robins. Then, through various videos, they observed the robins and heard their song. Finally, students coloured in their own robins. You can observe the vibrant red/orange on each robin’s chest. The student’s cut the robin’s cut-outs and put it together with the teacher’s help.