Message from Head of School

Dear Parents,

First and foremost, I hope that you and your families are well. I still emphasise to stay at home as much as possible. Unfortunately, we are still far away from the closure of this gloomy phase!

This note is to inform you about these issues:

(1) End-of-year assessment will include the tasks being done online. For this reason, I encourage all students to participate in these lessons.

(2) All our teachers are working online. As Head of School, please bear in mind that I cannot oblige teachers to use a specific online platform. The most important thing is that teaching and learning is ongoing and being followed. Everyone has his/her own methods to get the message across.

I have been receiving messages from various parents – those that feel that they need more work, while others think that the work being given is too much. I recommend that you keep direct contact with the teachers to discuss the specific needs of your children.

(3) School will be closed for the Spring Break between the 8th and 17th April. During this period, work will not be given. School commences on Monday 20th April.

(4) Please appreciate that fees need to be collected. It is important to understand that teachers are still doing their job and delivering lessons and therefore the school has to pay the teachers. Unfortunately, the school is not in a position to waive the fees and if the fees are not collected, the future of the school will be at stake.

Having said that, those parents who had a reduction in their income, are being asked to pay the amount they can afford, and then settle any outstanding debits after the pandemic is over.

Thank you for your kind attention. Take care and stay safe!

Best regards,

Mr Kenneth Busuttil

Head of School