Reading books

In year 3 we are learning the importance of reading and the magic of books. Together with our teacher and LSE we went to our school’s library and borrowed a book. We got to look for a book we like, and after choosing one, we went to enjoy the story and read in our yard. After finishing our book, we got to swap our chosen book with another borrowed book of a friend. All of us read at least one book, and some, even two or three books!

Thank you MS Roseann and Ms Charmaine

Dinja Wahda Activity – Il-Pitirross

Today, we learnt about robins, or “pitirrossi” in Maltese. With the help of our educators, we painted robins and cut them. We even named our robins! 

Activities like these help raise awareness environmental amongst the students. Students understand the importance of nature, flora, and fauna, and learn how to better take care of our world (for us and for other creatures.

The school administration would like to thank Ms Roseanne Dimech and Ms Charmaine Shwidi for this initiative.

Dinja Wahda Activities

This is an activity conducted as part of Dinja Wahda Activites in conjunction with MEDE.

Thank you Ms Samah, Ms Rosanne, Ms Charmaine and Ms Miriam

Important note re: Second Term


Dear Parents/Guardians,

We hope you had a well-deserved break. Let’s hope for a better year ahead. As you may be already aware, school will resume online on Friday 7th January. School will re-open physically on Monday 10th January. All the respective teachers and LSEs have been informed and you will receive an invite on MS Teams for your child/ren to follow the lessons from home. All students are expected to follow these online lessons according to their time-table, and attendance will be taken. We look forward to welcoming your children back to school in a safe environment. Therefore, we remind you not to send your child/ren to school if he/she is sick. Also, it is important to send a medical certificate that states when your child is fit to attend school, in case he/she is sick, even after an absence of one day. No medical certificate is needed to start school following the winter break. Thank you for your cooperation, and kindly follow all Covid-19 procedures.

Best wishes to you and your families for the new year 2022.

Kind regards,

Mr Kenneth Busuttil

Head of School

Dinja Wahda Project – Qniefed (Hedgehogs)

In the classroom we took part in the project “DINJA WAHDA” for a second time. Here students are seen learning about hedgehogs and how we can conserve and take care of them through a power point. After this, they put their minds and hands to work. They designed a promise card, that says that they promise to take care of the hedgehogs. They also designed a hedgehog badge to put in their parent’s car. This will remind the driver to drive slow in case a hedgehog is crossing the road.


Practicing gratitude

At Mariam Albatool School Paola, we thought of using friendship cards as springboard to practice GRATITUDE. Our year 3 class carefully guided by Roseanne Dimech and myself assisted our students into understanding what gratitude is. First we spoke about gratitude and what it means to be grateful. We asked students: “What does gratitude mean? What does it mean to be grateful?” They friendship card FEELING GRATEFUL was used to help reinforce feelings of GRATITUDE in the classroom. Then the students filled and coloured a worksheet.Then, they practiced gratitude by coming in class one by one and received a hearty welcome from their peers, for example “Hello Ahmed, welcome to our classroom”.Then, the students were asked to share and explain a strategy for feeling happy and to reflect on all of the things they are grateful for. After a period of time reflecting on the activity students were asked to write and draw activities of which they feel grateful for. Students were the assessed for their understanding of interdependence between different concepts related to gratitude through the “web of life” drawing. The lesson ended by motivating the students to draw a token of gratitude fora buddy (or someone who they think deserves gratitude). A very big WELL Done to our year 3 Class.+34

2You and 1 other

Year 3 – Dinja Wahda Activity

Students saw a power point and learnt about robins. Then, through various videos, they observed the robins and heard their song. Finally, students coloured in their own robins. You can observe the vibrant red/orange on each robin’s chest. The student’s cut the robin’s cut-outs and put it together with the teacher’s help.


Once again, Mariam Albatool School has been presented with the Silver Award in the Book Champions Schools Awards organised by the National Literacy Agency within the Ministry of Education and Employment. The event was a whole school effort encouraging children to inculcate the love for books and of reading. The school administration would like to thank all educators participating in the event. Particular thanks go to Ms Doris Schembri and Ms Jessica Muscat for compiling and coordinating the project. A big well done to all!