Change of time (for Fridays till end of pandemic).

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As Salaamu alaikom

Please be advised that come Friday and all Fridays thereafter and  until the corona pandemic remain, the school will end at 1200hrs instead of 1245hrs.

As you all know our school differs from other schools, being that it is not only a school but also an Islamic Centre and mosque. Due to the social distance requirements, areas within the school, may be used for prayers. Due to the fact that many carriers are asymptomatic and until the danger of contagion disappears we will be releasing the children earlier in order that we limit the chances of them and parents from coming into contact with people attending the mosque for Friday prayers.

This will take effect from Friday 5th February.

Thank you,

The School Administration

Education at the Time of a Pandemic

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Thank you.

The School Administration


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Mariam Albatool School

Triq Dom Mintoff Paola


Date 22nd  October 2020


This report presents an assessment of the risks posed related to COVID 19  within Mariam Albatool School in Paola.

This report is compiled in good faith and is based on the information provided by Mr Kenneth Busuttil, headmaster of the  Mariam Albatool School.

The information was obtained verbally, and through observation. The assessor disassociates himself from any known or  concealed dangers,  which were not forwarded to his attention during the risk assessment.

Please note that the health department advice is changing daily.  While this risk assessment is relevant today, tomorrow it may need updating.

Therefore, this document will be updated in the light of any guidance changes and re-circulated to staff.

1.2 The Premises 

The premises of Mariam Albatool School, Paola consists of classrooms on three different levels, administrative offices and outdoor playing areas.

RefTasks, IssuePersons at Risk School  Safety Measures
1Hygiene practiceStaff, pupils & visitors,Infection control procedures are adhered to as much as possible in accordance with the guidelines of the  Office of the Superintendent of Public Health.   Posters are displayed throughout the school reminding pupils, staff, and visitors to wash their hands, e.g. before entering and leaving the school.   Permitted visitors must wash their hands with soap or alcohol-based sanitiser (that contains no less than 60 percent alcohol) and follow infection control procedures in accordance with the  Office of the Superintendent of Public Health at regular intervals, including when they enter and exit the building.    Sufficient amounts of soap, clean water, paper towels and sanitizer are supplied in all toilets & classrooms.   Pupils are supervised by staff when washing their hands to ensure it is done correctly, where necessary. (This will be demonstrated daily along with hygiene expectations by the class teacher)   Pupils to use hand sanitiser, under the supervision of a member of staff.  Children to only have access to their personal hand sanitisers or from a dispenser.   Pupils are discouraged from sharing cutlery, cups, food, stationary items, equipment.  Children are to be supplied with their own stationary items.    Cleaners are employed to carry out daily, thorough cleaning that is compliant with the local COVID 19 cleaning and sanitizing guidelines.   Additional cleaning will take place throughout the day of all touch points including door handles, tables, toilets etc 
     All classes have cleaning kits to clean tables, touch points etc. throughout the day.   Cleaners advised to regularly clean all shared areas such as toilets & staff room.  
2Ill healthStaff, visitors, pupils & parentsStaff are informed of the symptoms of possible coronavirus infection, e.g. a cough, difficulty in breathing, high temperature, loss of, or change in, their normal sense of taste of smell and are kept up-to-date with national guidance about the signs, symptoms and transmission of coronavirus.   Children who feel unwell whist in school will have their temperature taken immediately using a non-contact thermometer   Any pupil or member of staff who displays signs of being unwell,  have a cough, fever, or has a loss of, or change in, their normal sense of taste of smell (anosmia), or difficulty in breathing, and believes they have been exposed to coronavirus seeks immediate medical advice.   . If a pupil displays symptoms whilst in school.  The parents of unwell pupils are to be  informed as soon as possible of the situation by a relevant member of staff.   Unwell pupils who are waiting to go home are kept in the designated isolation room where they can be isolated behind a closed door, and with appropriate adult supervision. Ideally, a window should be opened for ventilation.   PPE should be worn by staff caring for the child while they await collection if a distance of 2 metres cannot be maintained (such as for a very young child or a child with special needs). Areas used by unwell staff and pupils who need to go home will be appropriately cleaned once vacated.  See
   the COVID19: cleaning of nonhealthcare settings guidance.   Any pupils who display signs of infection are taken home immediately, or as soon as practicable, by their parents – the parents are advised to contact 111 immediately or call 112 if the pupil becomes seriously ill or their life is at risk.    Any members of staff who display signs of infection are sent home immediately and are advised to contact 111 immediately or call 112 if they become seriously ill or their life is at risk.    
3Confirmed Case of COVID- 19Staff, visitors, pupils & parentsIf a staff member or pupil  tests positive, they should advise the school immediately and follow the  As soon as school becomes are aware of a confirmed case of Covid-19 it must contact the 111 Helpline for further advice.  A system is in in place to carry out rapid risk assessment to confirm who has been in close contact with the person during the period that they were infectious (48 hours before displaying symptoms, and ensure they are asked to self-isolate. Based on the advice from the Health Department, schools must send home those people who have been in close contact with the person who has tested positive, advising them to self-isolate for 14 days since they were last in close contact with that person when they were infectious. Close contact means: direct close contacts – face to face contact with an infected individual for any length of time, within 1 metre, including being coughed on, a face to face conversation, or unprotected physical contact (skin-to-skin) proximity contacts – extended close contact (within 1 to 2 metres for more than 15 minutes) with an infected individual travelling in a small vehicle, such as a car, with an infected person   The  Health Department will provide definitive advice on further actions to be taken in the event of an outbreak.
4Spread of infectionStaff,  pupils, & visitors,Parents are informed not to bring their children to school or on the school premises if they show signs of being unwell and believe they have been exposed to coronavirus   Spillages of bodily fluids, e.g. respiratory and nasal discharges, are cleaned up immediately in line with the bodily spillage procedure, using PPE at all times.   Younger children and those with special needs are helped with their respiratory hygiene and staff may need to wear PPE.  Parents are informed not to bring their children to school or on the school premises if they show signs of being unwell and believe they have been exposed to coronavirus.   Parents/staff to inform school immediately if they test positive for COVID– 19.   Staff and pupils not to return to school before the minimum recommended exclusion period (or the ‘self-isolation’ period). Parents to be encouraged to take their child for a test if they have symptoms.   Parents/staff to notify the school if their child and/or they have an impaired immune system or a medical condition that means they are vulnerable to infections.   Pupils are required to come to school in uniform and parents are asked to ensure this is regularly washed.    Pupils to only bring water bottles, bags with essential items and lunchboxes into school. No unnecessary items.     All food items are to be carried and presented in disposable containers wherever possible, and if not, then containers are to be cleaned and wiped down before by the student.    
5Management of infectious diseasesStaff, pupils & parentsEveryone is instructed to monitor themselves and others and look out for symptoms if a pupil or staff member has been sent home with suspected coronavirus.   Staff to be vigilant and report concerns about their own, a colleague’s or a pupil’s symptoms to management   The school is consistent in its approach to the management of suspected and confirmed cases of coronavirus.   The Headteacher to be informed by pupils’ parents immediately once a pupil has tested positive for coronavirus.   The school management to regularly check cleaning standards of school cleaning personnel and discusses any additional measures required with regards to managing the spread of coronavirus.  
6CommunicationStaff, pupils & parentsSchool to keep staff, pupils and parents adequately updated about any changes in relation to guidance/procedures around coronavirus
7EmergenciesStaff, pupils & parentsStaff to ensure emergency contact details are up to date, including alternate emergency contact details, where required.    Pupils’ parents to be  contacted as soon as practicable in the event of an emergency.   Office staff to ensure all pupils on site have at least 2 contact numbers.   The school has an up-to-date First Aid Policy in place which outlines the management of medical emergencies – medical emergencies are managed in line with this policy. Gloves, aprons and masks should be worn when dealing with a medical emergency where 2M’s distance cannot be observed.  
8Managing Entrance and Exits Staff, pupils & parentsSmall groups of students arrive and depart from school at different times.    Temperature reading is recorded upon arrival and prior to departure from school.   Upon arrival students to head directly to their allocated classroom.   Staff encouraged to leave site as early as possible for thorough cleaning to take place.     Staff asked to maintain  1.5M + distance when arriving and leaving the building and whilst in the building.   Staff asked to maintain 1.5M + distance when receiving and dismissing pupils. Cones/floor markings will be used to support parents and staff for distancing upon handovers.   Parental queries will be dealt with over the phone or via email where possible.  Not at the beginning and end of the school day. 
9    Class sizes and layoutStaff & pupilsAllocation of classes are calculated as per COVID 19 guildelines with adequate distances between each desk.   Children to use the same table each day where possible. A one-way system to be introduced in all classrooms and in corridors where possible. Children to use the same classroom or area each day, with a thorough cleaning of the rooms at the end of the day.   Tables, touch points to be cleaned regularly throughout the day.  
10Physical DistancingStaff & pupilsPupils  reminded to stay 1.5m + apart where possible.  Signage displayed on playground and around school.  Markers/tape to be used where needed. Staff are to maintain a distance of at least 2m between themselves and with students Children to only mix in same class/year groups, Children and staff to stay away from other people and groups where possible. Children are in the same groups at all times each day, and different groups are not mixed during the day.   The same teachers are assigned to each group and, as far as possible, these stay the same class during the day and on subsequent days where possible.   Designated areas and playgrounds to be used during  breaks.   To ensure limiting the number of children who use the toilet facilities.  Only one student from each class to access the toilet facilities at any one time. Toilets to be cleaned after each use.   Contact sports to be avoided.   Staff members in staff rooms to keep an adequate physical distance of two metres from each other.    It must be ensured that in staff rooms, adequate care is taken to avoid mixing of staff members and where desks are used for corrections.    Each staff member to be responsible to clean the surfaces and shared electronics with suitable agents before and after use. 
     Meetings should be held virtually wherever possible   Contact with office-based staff where possible to be via emails/phone calls.  If this is not appropriate arrange a specific time to meet so physical distancing can be ensured.  
11Sharing of ResourcesStaff & pupilsClassrooms have access to their own resources.   Children to be provided with their own stationary. Children will be given daily reminders to only use their own stationary and not to share with other children.    Sports equipment to be thoroughly cleaned between each use.   Sports equipment which cannot be cleaned/disinfected should not be used. Other shared equipment such as IT equipment to be cleaned thoroughly between each use.
12Shared spacesStaff & pupilsClassrooms not to be shared between year groups.   Assemblies not to take place, pupils to head directly in classrooms.   Considerations must be made for all staff members in staff rooms to keep an adequate physical distance of two metres from other staff members.    It must be ensured that in staff rooms, adequate care is taken to avoid mixing of staff members and where desks are used for corrections, persons always maintain the requisite social distance.   
   Each person should be responsible to clean the surfaces and shared electronics with suitable agents before and after use.    Meetings should be held virtually wherever possible.  
13VisitorsStaff & pupilsThere will be no unnecessary visitors allowed access into the building.   Essential Service visits where possible to be conducted at the early hours before opening of school or end of the school day.   Meeting with other professional will take place virtually where possible.     If meetings are unable to take place virtually, visitors must  wash their hands with soap or alcohol-based sanitiser () and follow infection control procedures.   Contact details will need to be provided by all visitors in order to comply with track and trace.     Supply staff, peripatetic staff, Speech and Language specialists, etc able to visit school and work with different groups of children.   All visiting staff reminded to remain 2M + from other staff and children where possible.    Staff not  permitted to visit other workplaces for meetings/conferences.          
14Physical Environment/Ventila tionStaff & pupilsVentilate all spaces using natural ventilation where possible. Open windows, prop open doors where possible.      Ensure an adequate supply of fresh air in all areas. Consider if you can improve the circulation of outside air and prevent pockets of stagnant air in occupied spaces. You can do this by using fans or opening windows. Increase the frequency of emptying bins.  Bins to be emptied in the morning, at lunchtime and at the end of the day.   Bins to have bin liners in them for ease of emptying.  Gloves to be worn when emptying bins.  Hands to be washed after emptying.  .   Caretaker/s to clean frequently touched areas, including all door handles.   Additional cleaning schedules included .  All toilets will be regularly cleaned along with shared areas and  staffroom.   No hand driers to be used in the school building.  
15Face MasksStaff & pupilsStaff members to wear a face mask and/or visor at all times when in the presence of others (both other staff/ students).   Pupils to wear a mask in all areas outside of the classroom.  Pupils will be required to bring a sealable plastic bag to put it in when not wearing it.   Information on wearing masks can be found by following the links below.   All parents/carers are required to wear a face mask when entering the school site.  This includes when dropping off and picking up children.  
16Off Site ActivitiesStaff & pupilsNo offsite activity will take place on advice from the Office of the Superintendent of Public Health.


I the undersigned hereby acknowledge that I have read, understood and agree to comply with the contents of the Risk Assessment and relevant guidelines issued by the Sup. Of Public Health.

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Name & Surname                                            ID. No                              Carried out for                                       Date                                           Signature  

John Azzopardi                                               221968(M)             Mariam Albatool School, Paola                22/10/20                         

Eid El-Fitr Message from Head of School

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Dear parents,

First and foremost I hope that you are fine and in the best of health.

I would like to wish a Happy Eid to you and your families. May you all celebrate this lovely and meaningful time with your families and friends.

Please note that there will be no lessons on Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th May as these are Eid holidays for the children.

Thanks for your attention and may the goodness of Eid al-Fitr remains there to inspire you to live each day of your life with love and care. Eid Mubarak to all!

Kind regards,

Mr Kenneth Busuttil

Head of School

Government subsidy for Mariam Albatool School

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Dear parents,

I hope that you are fine and in the best of health.

During the past years, the government of Malta has always supported Mariam Albatool School through a financial package every year. As you are all aware, at the moment we are facing an extraordinary time because of the Covid-19 situation and because of these circumstances, our school will also be receiving additional financial aid by the Maltese government. In concrete terms and as recently stated, parental fees will be reduced by 35% .

The government will in turn be subsidising the salaries of every staff member. I fully understand that the current situation is difficult, so much so that I am aware that a number of parents have had a substantial reduction in income. However, with these measures in place and with your contributions, the school will be in a much better position to continue functioning. 

During the holy month of Ramadan, I wish you all the best! May Allah ease your hardships and shower you with loads of peace and prosperity. Have a blessed time and Ramadan Mubarak to all!

Thanks for your attention and cooperation. Please send my best regards to your children and tell them that I am missing them. Remind them to read, study and revise regularly. May Allah guide them and bless them all.

Take care and stay safe!

Mr Kenneth Busuttil

Head of School

Work during Spring Break and Ramadan.

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9th April 2020

Dear Parents,

I hope that you and your families are all well.

I am writing to inform you that given the current circumstances and in light of online teaching, as long as there is agreement between the teacher and the parents, work can be done during the Spring break instead of Ramadan. This is being accepted because the school is physically closed, and worked days during these holidays can be equally compensated during Ramadan.

I emphasise the importance of keeping safe and staying indoors, especially considering the deaths due to Covid-19 that have been reported lately.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Best regards,

Mr Kenneth Busuttil
Head of School

Important Message from the School Administration

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As Salaamu Alaikom wa Rahmatullah,                                                                            circular12/2019-20

Dear Parents’

Following the directive from the Government on 12th March 2020, MARIAM ALBATOOL School closed on Friday 13th March and will remain closed until further notice.

How will we stay in touch while school is closed? Throughout the school closure we will keep in regular contact with parents by email (albatool@melita,com; and by phone, 21664791, 21820644. Mr. Kenneth will be in his office every Tuesday and Ms Debbie every Thursday. The secretaries’ office will be open every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 0900hrs till 1200hrs, while you may contact Mr. Brian on the school’s facebook page ~ Mariam Albatool School or the website:

How will the school deliver a continued education to my child during closure? Many of you and your children will have received emails from teachers piloting teaching methods, giving instructions and generally setting things up. We are working hard with a common goal that is to ensure that our students continue with their education. Our teachers and Learning Support Educators are constantly providing online lessons while sending and receiving students’ work on their class facebook page and other mediums. Please ensure that your child is daily accessing the class page and is in regular contact with his or her teachers.

Will my school fees be affected? There will be no change to the fees payable for pupils. I am sure you can understand that the closure happened as a result of a  Force Majeure (i.e, circumstances beyond our control). Notwithstanding this our teachers and LSEs are doing their utmost in order that your children continue to receive their education. Therefore kindly take this as a formal reminder that the fees for the third term are now due. It is appreciated that for the safety of all, payment is effected online or deposited at the bank in order that we limit contact (details hereunder). Should this not be possible, you may effect payment at the secretaries’ office on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. We kindly appreciate that you produce the exact amount as we may not have change. Also kindly observe the distance of at least one metre between one person and the other as recommended by the Health Dept.

We are expecting your total commitment and cooperation and thanking you in advance for your payments. The school is in dire need of the fees and failing to effect payment may inhibit the children’s education. While we appreciate wholeheartedly the ongoing Government’s financial assistance to the school the expenses cannot be covered without your payments and contributions.

In these difficult, anxious and stressful times, Mariam Albatool will be there for you and your children, providing a sense of continuity and stability.

Please try to stay well and stay at home.

Ms. Simone Palmier Arab

for The School Administration



ACCOUNT NO.: 40010083035;

IBAN:             MT07VALL22013000000040010083035


REGISTRATIONS for Scholastic Year 2019-2020

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IMPORTANT NOTICE School Registration 2019-20 Circular 24.2018/9
Kindly be advised that school registration for scholastic year 2019-20 IS NOW OPEN, priority registration for current students and their siblings will end on Friday 5th of JuLY 2019. No guarantee of registration is given after this date as intake of new students will commence immediately after. Kindly be advised that no class is allowed to exceed the permissable no. of students as per the Education Department regulations. Also the coming scholastic year will foresee a slight change in the no. of classes per level. Please be informed that a deposit of two hundred euro (€200) which will eventually be deducted from the payment of the first term of scholastic year 2019-20 is required upon registration, this will confirm the new scholastic year registration. The remaining payment to complete the payment of the first term is to be effected by July 30th 2019. Failing to pay the full payment of the first term by the due date may jeopardise the registration of the child notwithstanding the deposit paid.
Students with outstanding debt for scholastic year 2018-19 will not be allowed to register for the new scholastic year if the outstanding debt is not fully settled. ONLY upon effecting full payment of any outstanding debt may a parent register for the next year. May we once again remind you that registration for scholastic year 2019-20 is not automatic and is based upon full payment of any outstanding debt and payment of the deposit of the first term fees. Late registrations are subject to availability of places in respective classes and new students may replace current students who have failed to effect payment.
We appreciate your cooperation and assistance to enhance the smooth running of your child’s/children’s education at the school while thanking you in advance and best regards.
The School Administration

Registration deposit €200 (to be deducted from first term payment)
Registration fee for new child €300 required for every new student
Kindergarten fee €1350 annually or €450 per term
Primary fee €1650 annually or €550 per term