Practicing gratitude

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At Mariam Albatool School Paola, we thought of using friendship cards as springboard to practice GRATITUDE. Our year 3 class carefully guided by Roseanne Dimech and myself assisted our students into understanding what gratitude is. First we spoke about gratitude and what it means to be grateful. We asked students: “What does gratitude mean? What does it mean to be grateful?” They friendship card FEELING GRATEFUL was used to help reinforce feelings of GRATITUDE in the classroom. Then the students filled and coloured a worksheet.Then, they practiced gratitude by coming in class one by one and received a hearty welcome from their peers, for example “Hello Ahmed, welcome to our classroom”.Then, the students were asked to share and explain a strategy for feeling happy and to reflect on all of the things they are grateful for. After a period of time reflecting on the activity students were asked to write and draw activities of which they feel grateful for. Students were the assessed for their understanding of interdependence between different concepts related to gratitude through the “web of life” drawing. The lesson ended by motivating the students to draw a token of gratitude fora buddy (or someone who they think deserves gratitude). A very big WELL Done to our year 3 Class.+34

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Education at the Time of a Pandemic

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Once again, Mariam Albatool School has been presented with the Silver Award in the Book Champions Schools Awards organised by the National Literacy Agency within the Ministry of Education and Employment. The event was a whole school effort encouraging children to inculcate the love for books and of reading. The school administration would like to thank all educators participating in the event. Particular thanks go to Ms Doris Schembri and Ms Jessica Muscat for compiling and coordinating the project. A big well done to all!

Curious and Courageous Activity

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As part of the Culture Pass Scheme, a story animator from “Curious and Courageous- Lingnin Stories” produced a performance for years 1, 2 and 3 at our school. These activity sessions encourage reading and promote language and creative thinking.

The story was about the stone statue which in the story wakes up during the night. This statue dates back from the Neolithic period in Malta and it was found in the Hal Saflieni hypogeum. It symbolises the eternal sleep. It is now found in the National Archeology museum in Valletta. With the culture card given to your child last year they can visit it for free. This visit might come in handy for future history lessons your child might be having. Below is a link about this statue. You should ask them about this story…..…/the-sle…/bgKS7KPNk-UDKw…

The school administration would like to thank all those involved in the activity.

Mawra s’ Ghawdex

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Mawra fejn tfal taghna tal-Year 2 ltaqghu ma’ tfal ohrajn tal-iskola Primarja ta’ San Lawrenz, Ghawdex.

Esperjenza unika u mill-isbah fejn ghat-tfal ma tezisti l-ebda tip ta’ barriera. Bl-innocenza u bit-tbissima taghhom, it-tfal jghallmuna hafna. Prosit tassew! Bravi hafna!

Grazzi lis-Sur Saviour Tabone, il-kap tal-iskola, u l-istaff kollu tal-iskola tal-istedina u l-ospitalita’ taghhom.

Kenneth Busuttil