Welcome Note: Ms Claudette

Brian Vassallo | KG1C


Dear parents,

I am Ms. Claudette and this year I shall be teaching KG1. At Mariam al Batool School we use the Emergent Curriculum approach which basically means that we observe the children to better understand their interests and from there we create themes and material to teach them through play.I believe that first and foremost the children have to form a bond with the teacher and also with their peers. Only then they can feel a sense of belonging which will allow them to start enjoying learning.This year this might be a little difficult but my aim is to make the children feel safe, loved and welcome. Inshallah I will try to do my best to provide a fun safe environment for my little students.Wishing you a good year.Ms. Claudette PS. Me, and my colleagues; Ms.Sharone and Mr Ahmad will be having an online meeting with the parents next Tuesday the 29th at 11.00am. We will let you know later which media we will use for this meeting.

Thank you

Ms Claudette

Welcome Note

Brian Vassallo | KG2R

Assalamu Alaykum wa Rahmatu illahi wa Barakatu.

Dear Parents,

I am Ms. Romina and In sha’ Allah this scholastic year I will be
teaching Kindergarten 2. I am a qualified Kindergarten Educator and
I have been part of Mariam Albatool School for a long number of
years. Throughout these years I gained experience in Year 1,
Kindergarten 2 and Kindergarten 1. I am very passionate about my
job and I take the responsabilty of each and every child entrusted
in my care very seriously. I am also a wife and a mother of two
beautiful children. If you are new parent or if you are interested in
enrolling your child in our school feel free to fix and appointment
and visit our beautiful kindergarten classes were we can explain
better our teaching methods and the pedagogies we follow. I am
sure that with your support we will give your child a beatiful learning
In Kindergarten our students will be learning through the Emergent
curriculum (more info on https://www.brighthorizons.com/family-
resources/emergent-curriculum-early-education-approach ). I will be
continously observing what are the children’s strengths, needs and
interests and plan activities accordingly. Throughout this curriculum
we look at the holistic development and well being of our students
and do not focus only on one area of development. This method of
teaching uses the abilities and strengths of our students and helps
me assit my students to scaffold and reach their next milestone.
Thank you for your interest!

The Rainbow project

Brian Vassallo | Y1

The Rainbow Project

I trust that everyone is in good health and keeping safe! The children of Year 1 wanted to pass on the very important message that to keep our loved ones, our community and ourselves safe we need to STAY AT HOME. The video attached shows the lovely and colourful posters the children made as their contribution to this aim. They are all beautiful in a special and unique way and the children really deserve our praise!!  Well done Year 1, you make us proud!  J

      Book Donation from National Literacy Agency

      Brian Vassallo | Y5

      Yesterday, two representatives from the Reading Literacy Agency visited our Year 5 class to donate some books. These were donated after a poetry book published by the year 5s was reviewed by the CEO of the Literacy Agency Mr David Muscat who was so pleased that he awarded the class with 26 reading books.

      These books are now in the classroom library for the students to borrow. The school administration would like to thank Ms Nicole Muscat for her initiative. A word of thanks also goes to Ms Etienne Cini for the support he gives to the class.

      May we remind you that should anyone wish to purchase this book it is available for the cost of €2.50. It is important to support our students and embrace reading.

      Pjan ta’ Azzjoni favur il-Malti

      Brian Vassallo | Y4

      Tkompli l- hidma: Pjan ta’ Azzjoni favur il Fehim mill-qari. Introduzzjoni tal-lezzjoni billi t-tfal gew murija kaxxa u jippruvaw jaqtghu x’hemm fiha skont il-hoss tac-cekcik. Wara inghaqdu fi gruppi biex jirrectaw dwar holma li kellhom.Mill-qari tas-silta, l-istudenti kienu mharrga f’vokabularju gdid u fehim mill-qari.
      Grazzi lil Ms Jessica Muscat u lil Ms Christine Refalo tax- xoghol taghhom.

      Pjan ta’ Azzjoni favur il-Malti

      Brian Vassallo | Events, KG2R, News

      Inkomplu bi Pjan ta’ Azzjoni effettiv favur il-Lingwa Maltija.
      L-Istorja ta’ Biskuttinu.
      Fil-klassi ta Ms Romina it tfal semghu u komplew istorja, kienu kapaci jaghmlu l-istorja f’ sekwenza bl uzu ta’ stampi segwiti minn movimenti fizici, u wara ghamlu biskuttinu billi wahhlu l ghajnejn u l buttuni. L- Amministrazjoni tixtieq tirringrazja lil Ms Romina, Ms Yvonne u Ms Ingrid tad-dedikazzjoni kbira taghhom favur it-tfal.

      Whole school action plan in Mathematics- Year 6J

      Brian Vassallo | Y4

      Understanding time is an important skill to learn and apply in our daily lives. Once you’ve learned how to read a clock, you can put your skills to good use. This is what I observed in Ms Jessica’s class as she used a variety of resources to boost ‘clock skills’ during one of her Maths lessons in year 6D class.
      Thank you Ms Jessica and Ms Christine (LSE) for the excellent job !