My Favourite food

Brian Vassallo | Y5

All students showed great motivation, were very eager and it was evident that they were all prepared. As regards to communication and interaction with other students, there was a great improvement from their last presentation.

The aim of these presentation is that all students will enhance their self confidence and focus more on certain functional skills. Well done.


F-Ant-astic (Dinja Wahda Activity)

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Our participation in the Dinja Wahda activities comprised of the topic of ants. We learned about ants and used a magnifying glass to get to identify these creatures. We also read a story about ants and learned that they are active creatures that cooperate with each other. In addition, we learned that it is not permissible to hurt these creatures no matter how small.

World Children’s day activity

Brian Vassallo | Y4

Class: Year 4
World Children’s day activity
For this year’s World Children’s Day activity we have decided to create and design a big chart,
showing lots of di fferent children from all around the world. The children in class coloured in these
small templates of children, cut them and stuck them next to one another around the world which
was in the shape of a heart. The templates of children that they stuck included ones coming from
Mexico and other places around the world, therefore, highlighting the di fferent races and
nationalities that exist. Together we can make the world a better place 🙂
Class teacher: Ms. Jessica
LSE’s: Ms. Charmaine and Ms. Elaine


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Once again, Mariam Albatool School has been presented with the Silver Award in the Book Champions Schools Awards organised by the National Literacy Agency within the Ministry of Education and Employment. The event was a whole school effort encouraging children to inculcate the love for books and of reading. The school administration would like to thank all educators participating in the event. Particular thanks go to Ms Doris Schembri and Ms Jessica Muscat for compiling and coordinating the project. A big well done to all!