Introduction Ms Romina

Assalamo Alaykum and Welcome to Kindergarten 2R.

Kindergarten is one of the first steps towards a child’s educational journey. Research shows that in the first few years of our life we absorb a lot of information.  In my classroom I spend time observing each student entrusted in my care. I interact with each child so as to make sure I get to know each child individually. Only after getting familiar with my students abilities, likes and dislikes I am able to plan activities that are according to their interest and abilities. In my class we use  ‘The project approach’. The Project Approach refers to a set of teaching strategies which enable teachers to guide children through in-depth studies of real world topics. Topics are chosen according to the interest of the students.

Parents can follow their child learning journey through the class page where photos and videos of the activities are posted.

Thank you for your time.