Parents’ Day June 2020

Dear Parents,

Hope that you and your families are doing well.

This note is to inform you that up until the end of June, educators from KG to Year 6 have been asked to make contact with you in order to give feedback on the progress of your child during this scholastic year.At this stage, due to logistic issues, contact is going to be made by the class teachers. For this reason, subject teachers who wish to pass comments about something in particular, will make contact with the class teacher.Regarding mode of delivery, each teacher will use his/her own choice of media, such as by telephone, email, Messenger, Zoom, etc…I would also like to remind you that in the absence of exams, for this year, online lessons will continue up to the end of the scholastic year. In our case, the last day of contact with students is Friday 26th June. During the last week (form the 22nd June to the 26th), teachers will be working on students’ assessments too. Therefore, kindly understand that contact with students will be minimal.Thank you for your attention.

Kind regards,

Mr Kenneth Busuttil

Head of School