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On Wednesday, 28th of November, the KG Team at Mariam Albatool opened its doors to welcome parents of Kindergarten students. Parents responded positively to this occasion as their presence, participation and positive feedback was highly noted and appreciated.

On that day, all of the Kindergarten students along with their parents met up at the school Hall for the activities. Mr.Kenneth Busuttil opened the day with a brief speech were he  expressed his satisfaction towards the positive feedback gather by the school reviewers during the review process held a few weeks before.

He also mentioned that the safety of the students is a priority and that the school grounds project will be starting soon. Following Mr. Kenneth Busuttil’s speech, Ms.Doris Schembri, yr 3 teacher and Early years co-coordinator spoke about the Learning Outcomes and the importance of implementing the framework in our school. She also praised the importance of the project approach that the Kindergarten team are implementing within their planning.

Ms.Romina, KG2 Educator, opened the activity with warming up activities such as nursery rhyme linked to the current topic ‘Pets’.  She proceeded by presenting a power point that Ms.Amber had prepared to help the children understand more about the different characteristics that pets possess. Ms.Romina mentioned the importance of taking good care of animals by providing them with proper food, drink and shelter. The importance of caring for them when they are unwell and giving them love and attention was also emphasized. This session was closed with a song linked to the theme.

Ms Claudette, KG 1 Educator, read the book titled; “Dear Zoo” by Rod Campbell, to the children. She mentioned how a boy wanted a pet but the zoo kept sending him strange animals that he could not keep at home. At last, the zoo sent him the right pet! Children loved guessing what is hidden under each pop up box when a new animal was sent to the boy.

Ms.Claudette also got some pets for a ‘show and tell’ activity. The children’s attention was captivated by the snake and together with Ms.Amber’s assistance, the children touched the snake and took a closer look at it.

Lastly, Ms.Romina handed out a printed card which showcased different exotic as well as domesticated animals to all the students. Ms. Amber who prepared all the resources had two separate boxes set, one for pets and one for wild animals. The children were asked to put the flashcard of their animal in the appropriate box.  This showed that the children understood what the book was about i.e. that some animals are to be free and wild while some others can be kept as pets.

While activities were taking place, Ms.Joanne Micallef displayed a selection of books, that parents could purchase. Parents were served some refreshments.

Meanwhile, the staff, parents and students had the opportunity to meet  the Hon Minister of Education -Mr Evarist Bartolo  and the Permanent Secretary for Education- Mr Francis Fabri.  After the short break, twelve tuff trays were presented to the children, each containing unique messy materials were the children were left free to explore and have fun together with their parents. Everything ran smoothly and the children were at peace throughout the whole activity. This was a target that us educators were satisfied that we managed to reach since the sole purpose for this event was for the parents to spend time with their children in order to bond even more with them which would serve as a pleasant memory for all of them.

A big word of  thanks goes to the parents who attended the activity, to the little students who are our pride and joy, to Mr.Kenneth, Mr.Brian and Ms.Doris who are aware of the positive impact that such open days have on the overall children’s development  and well . Particular thanks goes to all KGE’s (Ms Romina, Ms Amber, and Ms Claudette),  all LSEs (Ms Yvonne, Ms Megan and Ms Sharone) for their work and dedication. Also a work of thanks goes to Ms.Joanne for the book sale, to Ms.Jolene from Little scribblers for the messy play and to Mr.Alfred Scicluna for the refreshments.