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As an educator, I am very aware of the importance of a smooth transition and its benefits. I know that the smoother the transition, the less time children need to settle nicely in their new setting. Efficient transitions increase time for learning.

Today, thanks to Ms. Juanita for accepting my request to visit her in class, we started the process of transitioning from KG to primary. 

The KG2 students and I prepared a hand outline on a coloured paper and every child wrote his/her name. Children were informed that they are to meet their next scholastic year teachers and they were very excited.

We went upstairs to Ms. Juanita’s class. We found Ms. Juanita, Ms. Souad and the outgoing Year 1 students waiting for us.  The teachers welcomed each and every student with a smile, asked their names, praised and displayed their work and gave time to the children to introduce themselves and their likings. 

The KG2 students listened to the current Year 1 students explain all they need to know about Year 1. The students mentioned the activities they loved doing most – like painting, role play, science and much more.  They were proudly displaying the things they enjoyed most, such as the toys they have in class. This was time were students from both classes actively participated and learnt from each other.

I would personally like to thank Ms. Juanita, Ms. Suoad and our school SMT member Ms. Debbie Atanasio for this visit and the genuine interest shown during the process. Thank you all.