Brian Vassallo | Y1- Archive

Wednesday, November 20 was World Children’s Day and during this week we celebrated the children of the world with various activities. We had a video learning session during which we learnt that children have ‘Rights’. All children have Rights to food, to a family and a home, to be protected and safe, to an education and to play. To honour the Right to Play on Wednesday we had outdoor play activities during which the children had time to engage in a tradition Maltese game (Iż-żunżana ddur, iddur), tug-of-war, and several other sports games. We also discussed the Right to Food and Water after which the children drew their own idea of what is good food. Their drawings, which included attempts of writing words, are now displayed in the corridor. The children had an experience of making their own ‘Ħobż biż-żejt’ a traditional healthy snack with bread, olive oil, tomato paste and olives. This gave them the opportunity to learn how to use a knife safely! During the week we also discussed that we are blessed to have food and clean water to keep us healthy. The children became aware that not all children are so fortunate. They came up with the idea of sharing food with other less fortunate children so we are collecting food items to give away. This is a perfect opportunity for the children to learn to be generous and to share what they have with others. #wcd2019