World Children’s Day

Assalamu Aleikum everyone!

In KG1A for World Children’s Day, we discussed the importance and the beauty that is Diversity. We discussed this with the aid of a book titled “Handa’s Surprise” by Eileene Browne. This book is basically about a young girl named Handa who lives in Kenya and would like to give a surprise to her friend Akeyo who lives in another village. The book shows us the different fruits Handa picks up for her friend as well as the different animals who pop up and each take a fruit along the way.

This book helped us understand the way different people from different cultures live which might be a bit different than us.

After the book was read, I explained to the children that each of us has different backgrounds. For example, some children come from Syria while others come from Libya. The thing that connects us together is that we all live in Malta. With the aid of visuals, the children got an idea on where their parents are from as well as where their peers are from.

For the main activity, together, we made a chart which portrays our differences in a positive light. Each child picked a colour they fancied and made their own hand-print which is also a representation of their uniqueness. Finally, each child was presented with a picture of their countries’ flag which they stuck underneath their hand-print. This showcased our beautiful diverse classroom and the children all felt a sense of pride and joy seeing the different colours and the different flags which represent their unique selves. #wcd2019