Hygiene KG1A

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Assalamu Aleikum dear parents!

Today, we discussed the importance of having good personal hygiene. This was reinforced through an activity where the children got to wash their Barbie dolls which represented their shower routine at home. Afterwards, they dried off the dolls and brushed their hair. It was a huge hit with the children! Here are some pictures 🙂

Thank you,
Ms Amber

Kg1A – Popcorn !

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Assalamu Aleikum!

Today in KG1A we made popcorn! This hands on activity helped the children to notice the difference between raw corn and cooked popcorn. The children  managed to point out that when the corn is raw, it’s yellow, hard and small while when it’s cooked, it becomes white, soft and big.

They loved every minute of it and this could be seen from their pleased faces as well as from their squeals of excitement every time the corn popped !

This was a great experience for our younger ones who had the opportunity to distinguish between cooked food and raw food by distinguishing from its colour, texture and taste. A very big. Well Done !




Assalamu Aleikum and welcome to KG1A!

Brian Vassallo | KG1A- Archive

Assalamu Aleikum and welcome to KG1A!

Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Amber Micallef and I have been working within the education sector for around four years. To help you better understand the way I teach here is a brief explanation on how I work.
Children, although young, have a lot to offer and teach us. By observing them and giving them ample room to explore, one would be amazed at how they perceive the world and how many fun and unique ideas they can come up with.
Within my teaching methodology I start by first observing the children to determine what their likes and dislikes are. Afterwards, I come up with fun, hands on and stimulating activities related to their interests to further help their development.

I believe that books are a great tool which helps young minds let their imagination run wild whilst also helping them target all of their areas of development. From various different books, one can abstract different themes which all connect to one book.

“Every child is a different kind of flower and all together, make this world a beautiful garden” – Friedrich Froebel