Visit by Mr Stephen Cachia (Director General) and Ms Jane Farrugia Buhagia (EO Migrant Learning)

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Today, our school was visited by Mr Stephen Cachia (Director General) and Ms Jane Farrugia Buhagiar (EO Migrant Learning). The Head of School, Mr Kenneth Busuttil welcomed the visitors in his office and together with the SMT discussed a number of important issues concerning the school and its future development.

Later, the visitors were toured around the classrooms where they heaped praise at the high level of organisation and conducive learning environment of the school. They also praised the efforts of teachers and learning suppoort educators and urged them to keep up the excellent job.

Later they visited our migrant class and commented positively on the effective incluision of migrant learners. Mr Cachia and Ms Farrugia Buhagiar thanked the school administration for their sustained efforts towards high quality teaching and learning. They also iterated their support and commitment towards future collaboration.

The school administration would like to thank Mr Cachia and Ms Farrugia Buhagiar for their visit and for pledging extended support and copperation.

Indian art at Mariam Albatool School

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Indian Paper Art at Mariam Albatool School
Yesterday at Mariam Albatool School a talented Indian artist by the name of Mr Ram has visitied Mariam Albatool School to deliver a performance in paper art making. Paper craft is the collection of art forms employing paper or card as the primary artistic medium for the creation of one, two or three-dimensional objects. Paper and card stock are the most widely used material in arts and crafts. He constructed a number of beautiful crafts which delighted the children who were enthusiatic to participate along with the artist. Mr Ram will be at Mariam Albatool School today to share his talents again with the parents attending Parents’ Day. A big well done to Mr Ram and the students!

The Octopus Project

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The Octopus Project

 This week the children of Yr 1 learnt about the letter sound ‘o’. Our theme this month is about Animals and the animal we discussed this week was the octopus. We watched videos and learnt that an octopus has 3 hearts and it also has blue blood!! Octopuses come in different sizes and can change colours to hide away and not get eaten. The children learnt several new words that begin with the letter sound ‘o’. In Crafts we worked on our Octopus Project made out of coloured paper and paper plates. When doing this project the children learnt to listen carefully and to follow instructions. This is very important because the children will learn to pay attention and so they know what to do. This makes them responsible for their learning and independent too. Using the paint brushes, the scissors and glitter glues helps the children to have stronger muscles in their fingers. Strong muscles helps them when they write. The children were very much engaged in the activity as you can see from the photos that are attached. They were very focused on their work and all of them finished their task really well. They are very proud of their work which we displayed in class 🙂   Kindly share photos with your children ….they truly deserve to be praised!!!

Mawra s’ Ghawdex

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Mawra fejn tfal taghna tal-Year 2 ltaqghu ma’ tfal ohrajn tal-iskola Primarja ta’ San Lawrenz, Ghawdex.

Esperjenza unika u mill-isbah fejn ghat-tfal ma tezisti l-ebda tip ta’ barriera. Bl-innocenza u bit-tbissima taghhom, it-tfal jghallmuna hafna. Prosit tassew! Bravi hafna!

Grazzi lis-Sur Saviour Tabone, il-kap tal-iskola, u l-istaff kollu tal-iskola tal-istedina u l-ospitalita’ taghhom.

Kenneth Busuttil

Visit by Her Excellency Ms Brigitte Curmi- French Ambassador for Malta

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Visit by French Ambassador for Malta, Her Excellency Brigette Curmi at Mariam Albatool School.

Today staff and students were honoured by a visit from Her Excellency, Ms Brigitte Curmi – the French Amabassador for Malta. During her visit she was also accompanied by His Excellency the Libyan Ambassador for Malta, Mr Saadun Suayeh together with other distinguished guests.
Ms Curmi was later toured around the school accompanied by Imam Muhammad El Sadi, Dr Mohammed Kablan, Mr Kenneth Busuttil, Mr Brian Vassallo and Ms Deborah Atanasio.

During her visit Ms Curmi expressed her pleasure at being surrounded by such an enthusiastic group of educators and students. She also expressed her sincere gratitude at the warm reception organised by Imam Muhammad El Sadi -Director of the school. Ms Curmi iterated her support to the school and expressed her desire for further collaboration in the near future.

The school administration would like to thank Ms Curmi, Mr Suayeh and the other distinguished guests for visiting Mariam Albatool School.

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Pink October Day at Mariam Albatool School

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For the Pink Day at school, the Year 6J class came up with the idea of making milkshakes in class. The children put the milk, yoghurt and some banana in a container and used the blender to mix everything together. They topped up the milkshake with some whipped cream and flying saucers. Paper cups and straws were used so as to minimize the use of plastic.

Supporting a Sport Activity at Mariam Albatool School

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The European Sports Day was successfully organised at Mariam Albatool School with participation of all classes for 90 minutes. Participants ranged from the first grade of primary classes to the sixth grade. All students took turns in the playing stations under the supervision of the PE teacher together with all the teachers.#MaltaESSD19 #BeActive