F-Ant-astic (Dinja Wahda Activity)

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Our participation in the Dinja Wahda activities comprised of the topic of ants. We learned about ants and used a magnifying glass to get to identify these creatures. We also read a story about ants and learned that they are active creatures that cooperate with each other. In addition, we learned that it is not permissible to hurt these creatures no matter how small.


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Once again, Mariam Albatool School has been presented with the Silver Award in the Book Champions Schools Awards organised by the National Literacy Agency within the Ministry of Education and Employment. The event was a whole school effort encouraging children to inculcate the love for books and of reading. The school administration would like to thank all educators participating in the event. Particular thanks go to Ms Doris Schembri and Ms Jessica Muscat for compiling and coordinating the project. A big well done to all!

Teams Training for Parents

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Dear Parents,

Good afternoon and hope that you and your families are well. This note is to inform you that Mariam Al Batool School is investing in the online platform Microsoft Teams. This will be the official platform to be used for online learning in the near future. Training will be available for educators and parents. Further on, the school will be sending you an individual account for you to be able to log in and access Teams. These links hereunder give you access to the necessary training.


Thank you for your attention and collaboration.

Kind regards,

Mr Kenneth Busuttil

Head of School

Message from Head of School- Mr Kenneth Busuttil

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Dear Parents,

with this message I would like to show my heartfelt thanks towards your cooperation and collaboration throughout this extraordinary scholastic year, especially during the last months we worked from home.Kudos to you for the initiative and dedication you showed towards your children. I fully understand the sacrifices you had to make for your children not only because of your belief in them but also because of your honest wish to see them move forward.I wish you all the best for the summer holidays, and please encourage your children to revise and read.God willing, we will be meeting again next September.

Take care and kind regards,

Mr Kenneth Busuttil

Head of School

Curious and Courageous Activity

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As part of the Culture Pass Scheme, a story animator from “Curious and Courageous- Lingnin Stories” produced a performance for years 1, 2 and 3 at our school. These activity sessions encourage reading and promote language and creative thinking.

The story was about the stone statue which in the story wakes up during the night. This statue dates back from the Neolithic period in Malta and it was found in the Hal Saflieni hypogeum. It symbolises the eternal sleep. It is now found in the National Archeology museum in Valletta. With the culture card given to your child last year they can visit it for free. This visit might come in handy for future history lessons your child might be having. Below is a link about this statue. You should ask them about this story…..


The school administration would like to thank all those involved in the activity.